Smart water 

The Smart Water Group specializes in quantity and quality issues associated with research into collection, treatment, storage, retrieval and use of smart water resources. The research in this area recognises the importance of integrated urban water management (IUWM). Within the context, an urban watershed is considered as the unit of managing freshwater, wastewater, and storm water. The IUWM approach has emerged from the growing recognition that an integrated approach to water management at the urban level offers a relevant framework for decision-making and concrete action. 

Research in this area can be divided into:

  • Urban water systems
  • Water quality treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Distribution and collection systems

The research of the smart water group is supported by excellent laboratory facilities. The water quality laboratory has areas dedicated to teaching, analysis, unit processes, microbiology, preparation and administration/storage.

Analytical equipment includes a spectrophotometer, atomic adsorption spectrophotometer, gas-liquid chromatographs, UV monitor, video imaging microscope and a range of samplers, loggers and portable meters for the field determination of a wide range of determinands.

Distribution and collection systems