Geotechnical engineering

The geotechnical engineering staff contingent has grown considerably over the past eight years and consists of Professor Chris Rogers (CR), Professor Andrew Chan (AC), Dr David Chapman (DC), Dr Gurmel Ghataora (GG), Dr Ian Jefferson (IJ), Dr Colin Thornton (CT) and Dr David Boardman (DB).

They are covering a broad range of topics that have been grouped into five categories below for convenience, though more truly span across the discipline.

The projects are at different stages and are being addressed at different levels of sophistication.
Links are provided to those that have matured or recently been completed.

Soil stabilisation, contamination and waste

Tunnels and trenchless technology



Pipelines, utility services and ‘towards sustainability’

Railway foundations, ground improvement and unusual soils

Modelling of continua and discrete particles

A new major thrust in ‘smart’ infrastructure monitoring has been developed from several of the above projects and is being led by Dr Chapman.