Selected research news

Civil engineering research lab - wind tunnel
  • October 2013 : Dr Samir Dirar wins EPSRC grant: Implications of the embedded through-section technique for improving the resilience and sustainability of existing reinforced concrete infrastructure
  • September 2013: Prof Chris Baker and Dr Hassan Hemida are co-awarded with Southampton University for Track Systems For High Speed Railways: Getting It Right.
  • July 2013: Dr Andrew Quinn signs a deal to carry out the next phase of Climate Change Adaptation – TRaCCA T1009-01 project with Arup
  • June 2013: Professor Christopher Rogers and team are awarded £2million from EPSRC for the project Assessing the Underworld - An Integrated Performance Model of City Infrastructures.
  • April 2013: Prof Chis Baker is sponsored by Arup to carry out Aerodynamic Investigations for HS2.
  • March 2013: Professor Chris Baker is awarded a project from the Commission of the European Communities for Living in a sustainable world focused on electrified rail.
  • December 2012: Prof Chris Baker successfully bids to the EU to carry out an FP7 Collaborative project, Living Rail.• March 2013: Dr Nicole Metje wins an EPSRC grant for the project Smart Leak Detection Pipes.
  • November 2012: Profs Mark Sterling and Chris Baker are awarded a contract from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for the provision of evidence and analysis: To develop a model of lodging risk in oilseed rape to enable integrated lodging control and reduce PGR use.
  • September 2012: Prof John Bridgeman is awarded a project under the EU FP7 framework MC IEF: Fluorescence-Based Optimisation of Sewage Treatment ( Fluro-BOOST)