Publications on Trust-building

The following is a list of published and unpublished papers written on the subject of trust-building in nuclear worlds. All papers are copyright the author and we ask that you contact the authors before quoting these works. Please contact Professor Nicholas J. Wheeler if you would like an unsecured copy of the document.


Date Author Title
23/05 Nicholas J Wheeler Face-to-Face Encounters of the Diplomatic Kind Saving Humans blog, IAS
22/05 Nicholas J Wheeler Frame-Breaking Conciliatory Moves between Enemies Saving Humans blog, IAS
21/05 Nicholas J Wheeler Building “A Spiral of Trust” through GRIT Saving Humans blog, IAS
20/05 Nicholas J Wheeler Psychological Drivers of Distrust Between Adversaries Saving Humans blog, IAS
19/05 Nicholas J Wheeler Trust as a Path to De-Escalation and Frame-Breaking in International Politics Saving Humans blog, IAS



Nicholas J. Wheeler,

Talat Farooq

Recalling the Spirit of Lahore Indian Express

22/02 Nicholas J. Wheeler,

Talat Farooq
Remembering Lahore and Kargil The Daily Times



Date Author Title
11/03 Nicholas J Wheeler Investigating Diplomatic Transformations International Affairs 89(2): 477-496




Nicholas J. Wheeler,

Scott Lucas,

Josh Baker

Breaking the Deadlock in the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations ICCS brief Vol. 1, No. 1

Also reprinted at


Date Author Title

Nicholas J. Wheeler,

Dani Nedal

Iranian Nuclear Negotiations: A Long Way from Trust, RUSI Newsbrief Vol. 32, No. 4


Date Author Title
06/11 Jan Ruzicka, Nicholas J. Wheeler ‘Nuclear Rivalries: Prospects for Cooperation and Trust-Building’: Aberystwyth symposium June 2011 - Final Report.
01/11 Jan Ruzicka, Nicholas J. Wheeler Report from ‘Trust-Building and the Nuclear Future’ networking symposium: Networking Symposium Report
12/11 Nicholas J. Wheeler 'Nuclear Weapons in Waltz’s World: More Trust May Be Better,' in Ken Booth (ed.) Realism and World Politics (Routledge, 2010). This paper was also published in the journal International Relations and may be freely downloadable through your library's electronic subscription.
12/10 Jan Ruzicka Reflections on the 2010 NPT Review Conference
09/10 Nicholas J. Wheeler “I had gone to Lahore with a message of goodwill but in return we got Kargil”: the promise and perils of “leaps of trust” in India-Pakistan relations
06/10 Jan Ruzicka Report from the Challenges to Trust Building in Nuclear Worlds conference in London
04/10 Jan Ruzicka, Nicholas Wheeler Decisions to Trust: Maintaining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime
01/10 Jan Ruzicka, Nicholas Wheeler The Puzzle of Trusting Relationships in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty


Date Author Title
11/09 Nicholas Wheeler A 'Leap of Trust'? Overcoming the Distrust in US-Iranian Nuclear Relations (SOAS)
10/09 Nicholas Wheeler 'I had gone to Lahore with a message of goodwill but in return we got Kargil': the promise and perils of 'leaps of trust' in India-Pakistan nuclear relations
09/09 Nicholas Wheeler Nuclear Abolition: Trust-Building's Greatest Challenge?
06/09 Nicholas Wheeler A 'Leap of Trust'? Overcoming the Distrust in US-Iranian Nuclear Relations (Jordan)
02/09 Ken Booth All Our Nuclear Futures


Date Author Title
12/08 Nicholas Wheeler `To Put One self into the other Fellow's Place': John Herz, the Security Dilemma and the Nuclear Age
11/08 Len Scott
Nicholas Wheeler
How the World Came to the Verge of Nuclear War
11/08   Trust-Building in Conflict Transformation Rapporteur's Report
06/08 Len Scott How to Lose Friends but Influence People: Losing and Building Trust in the Cuban Missile Crisis
06/08 Alex Gillespie Dynamics of trust and distrust: An analysis of the Cuban Missile Crisis
04/08 Vincent Keating
Nicholas Wheeler
Rapporteur's report from DDMI Cardiff workshop on 'Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Control: Lessons for Trust-building'
02/08 Geoffrey Hosking Growing Distrust between Russia and the West
02/08 Farhang Jahanpour The Elusiveness of Trust: the experience of the Security Council and Iran
02/08 Nicholas Wheeler Introductory Paper on Martin Hollis' Trust Within Reason


Date Author Title
12/07   Rapporteur's Report from the ORG Nuclear Symposium in London
11/07 Nicholas Wheeler Psychology Meets International Politics: Towards an Interdisciplinary Theory of Trust
10/07 John Borrie Complexity and Arms Control
10/07 Mabon ap Gwynfor Address to the All-Wales Peace Festival
10/07 Nicholas Wheeler Trust-building between enemies in the nuclear age
10/07 Patricia Daniel All-Wales Peace Conference
09/07 Tom Sauer Missile Offence
09/07 Nicholas Wheeler An Unending Appetite for War?
09/07 Er-Win Tan The US and North Korea in September 2007: Talking Works, But Now What?
08/07 Mary Midgley Provocation and the Language of Weaponry
07/07 Tristan Price Renewing Trident: The ‘Great Non-Debate’ Over British Nuclear Weapons
06/07 Ken Booth The Choice: Radical Nuclear Multipolarity or Global Institution-Building?
06/07 Nicholas Wheeler What can our Ancestors Teach us About Trust-Building?
06/07 Er-Win Tan North Korea Viewed Through Another Lens
06/07 John Borrie Human Security, Human Nature and Trust Building in Negotiation
06/07   Security on the Korean Peninsula Rapporteur's Report
06/07 Er-Win Tan Missle Defense in Europe: Defensive Defense, or New Cold War?
05/07 Janine Clark Research Skills Workshop Rapporteur's Report
05/07 James Beard Security on the Korean Peninsula Rapporteur's Report
05/07 Nicholas Wheeler Entering into the counter-fear of North Korea
05/07 Nicholas Wheeler Putting Ourselves in the Shoes of Our Enemies
03/07 Nicholas Wheeler Trust Building in Nuclear Worlds
03/07   Oxford Research Group Consultation Aide-Mémoire


Date Author Title
12/06 Ken Booth The Certainty of Uncertainty