ICCS to host the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK

Tuesday 29th January 2013 (17:00-18:30)

Please email g.rajania@bham.ac.uk in order to attend the talks

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In light of the recent events in the Middle East, POLSIS and the ICCS are co-hosting two events to evaluate the current state of affairs in the region and the broader implications for international security. We are delighted to welcome the Israeli deputy ambassador and the Palestinian ambassador to address such topics as the recent conflict in Gaza, the successful Palestinian bid for upgraded status at the UN, the on-going civil war in Syria and the threat of Iran's nuclear programme.


                       ‘The Current Situation in Palestine’

Manuel Hassassian

Palestinian Ambassador to the UK

Tuesday 29thth January 2013

Muirhead Tower 121 17:00-18:30


Please note these events are RSVP only, for further details please contact Mrs Guvinder Kaur Rajania at g.rajania@bham.ac.uk