Hybridity: Exploring power, social structures, and institutions beyond the liberal west

Thursday 13th March 2014 (09:00-17:00)

Workshop Leaders: Dr Rosa Freedman, Dr Nicolas Lemay-Hébert and Dr Jenny Phillimore

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In an era of globalisation, superdiversity and transnationality the traditional mono-disciplinary, Western-centric, approaches to understanding power, social structures and institutions have been questioned and calls been made for new approaches to be developed to help increase understanding of various fields, ranging from peace-building, sovereignty and state recognition to human rights paradigms. Building on the success of the past IAS workshop on Territorial and Non-Territorial Autonomies, this workshop will develop this time an innovative research agenda around theories of hybridity, which are being increasingly discussed at the academic level.

The workshop will bridge the theoretical gap that divides the different disciplines by bringing together scholars and practitioners from political sciences, sociology, development studies, philosophy, international law, and archaeology, in order to focus on hybridity and its potential impact and challenges over the coming years. The workshop will provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussions that will fuse the theory and practice of hybridity during this embryonic phase. We will explore precisely but not exclusively issues of contested sovereignty and supervised independence, human rights paradigms and other law traditions, and peace-building and local resistance.

The workshop will further contribute to develop and consolidate the research agenda of the ICCS research theme “Intervention and Statebuilding”, while increasing the collaboration between the IASS, IRiS and the ICCS.

Internal attendees:

Danielle Beswick (IDD, School of Government and Society)

Paul Jackson (IDD, School of Government and Society)

Phillip Myers (Archeology)

Oliver Walton (IDD, School of Government and Society / GSDRC)

Nicholas Wheeler (Polsis, School of Government and Society / ICCS)

Stefan Wolff (Polsis, School of Government and Society)

Heather Widdows (Philosophy / Centre for Global Ethics)

External attendees:

Nina Caspersen, York

Stefanie Kappler, Liverpool Hope

Chandra Lekha Sriram, UCL

Jeni Mitchell, King’s College

Gareth Stansfield, Exeter