Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS)

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The Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS) was established at the University of Birmingham to promote a multidisciplinary approach to address the security challenges that arise from global interconnectedness. 

Postgraduate Degrees

Leading International Relations (IR) scholar, Robert Keohane (Princeton), visited Birmingham last week (29 October 2014) and delivered a lecture as part of a joint POLSIS / ICCS Seminar Series. If you would like to find out more about the lecture, we have a podcast available here.

Follow all of the latest news and information on the latest Birmingham Policy Commission's report on  'The Security Impact of Drones: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK'.

The ICCS is delighted to announce that Professor Ken Booth will be joining us to launch his new book 'International Relations: All That Matters' on the 27th January 2015. The book provides an accessible understanding of international relations for those with no specialised knowledge of the field.

The ICCS blog was established to showcase our cutting-edge research, and to invoke discussion and reflection on conceptual ideas related to security and the challenges of global cooperation.