'State-building without a state: the European Union's role in the Palestinian Territories after the Oslo Accords'

Posted on Monday 27th August 2012


On Tuesday 15th May, Dr. Dimitris Bouris from the University of Warwick, delivered a presentation to the State-building Security and Development Research Group (SSDRG) entitled 'State-building without a state: the European Union's role in the Palestinian Territories after the Oslo Accords'

According to Dr. Bouris 'The aim of the presentation was to shed light on the distinctive role of the European Union (EU) as a state-builder in the case of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs). The presentation engaged with distinctive literatures on liberal peace, peacebuilding, state-building, the EU and conflict resolution as well as Security and Judiciary Sector Reform. By synthesizing these literatures this research tries to test the EU effectiveness in the state-building project in the OPTs by reference to three main case studies: the EU’s initiatives in the domains of Security Sector Reform (SSR) and Judiciary Sector Reform (JSR) as well as good governance and the rule of law. The main argument of this presentation was that the EU has approached the state-building project from a technical aspect without linking it with clear political decisions and objectives. As a result, while initiatives in the domains of SSR, JSR and the rule of law have helped the Palestinian Authority improve the situation on the ground this was done at the expense of democracy and political objectives that would contribute to the ending of the Israeli Occupation'

Dr. Bouris' Powerpoint presentation can be found here


Dimitris holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Crete, an MA in International Relations from the University of Manchester, and has recently been awarded his PhD from the University of Warwick where he worked on the European Union's role in Palestinian state-building since the Oslo Accords. He has participated in several international conferences and has published a number of scholarly articles in peer-reviewed academic journals such as the Journal of Contemporary European Research, Political Perspectives, European Security (forthcoming) and the Hague Journal on the Rule of Law (with Stuart Reigeluth). He has also published short articles and op-eds for EU Observer, European Voice, New Europe, EurActiv, Gulf News and Revolve Magazine.