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New MOOC staring soon: 'World War 1: Aviation Comes of Age'
A new MOOC led by Dr. Peter Gray starts on the 20th October. 'World War 1: Aviation comes of age' investigates how the white heat of innovation in World War One shaped the history of human flight.
Thaw in UK-Iran relations will depend on Rouhani's actions, not his words, say MPs
Written by Adam Quinn. The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee's new report on policy towards Iran contains no surprises – startling new departures aren't in the nature of such documents – but does help crystallise a couple of important features of the present posture of the Western coalition's posture towards Iran.
When chemical weapons killed 90,000
Written by Paul Schulte. World War I ushered in an era of chemical weapons use that lingers, lethally, into the present day. Indeed, the German chlorine attacks against French, Algerian, British and Canadian troops around Ypres -- site of the war's most relentless fighting -- in April 1915 presaged a world in which weapons of mass destruction became at least a permanent background anxiety and often a source of intense terror.
New jobs available at the ICCS
In partnership with the School of Psychology the ICCS is seeking to appoint a series of new posts. This exciting opportunity will contribute to advancing the work of the ICCS in establishing the University of Birmingham as one of Europe's leading centres for interdisciplinary security expertise.
'Chocolate King' Poroshenko wins Ukraine presidency but violence continues
Written by Stefan Wolff. With the outright victory of Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine's presidential elections on May 25 now confirmed, hopes are running high for a new beginning that will deliver a swift way out of a protracted crisis.
Professor Wheeler talks about his work on trust-building
Professor Nicholas J. Wheeler, Director of the ICCS, talks about his work on trust-building and how this links to the Institute's new MSc in Global Cooperation and Security.
New Book: 'The Legacy of the Cold War: Perspectives on Security, Cooperation, and Conflict'
New Book released on the legacy of the Cold War, featuing a chapter coauthored by Professor Nicholas J Wheeler on: 'Concepts andPractices of Cooperative Security: Building Trust in the International System'
New work experience opportunities available at the ICCS
The ICCS is pleased to announce the creation of new work experience placements commencing June 2014. This is an excellent opportunity to join a new security research institute at the heart of the School of Government and Society. The ICCS draws together a number of internationally renowned experts with a commitment to addressing the dynamics of both conflict and cooperation in a globally interconnected world. Our theoretical and empirical work is aimed at exploring the possibilities for promoting sustainable security both within and between communities at local, national, and global levels
ICCS blog: 'Insecurity and collusion in international finance'
Written by Rudi Vrabel. Conflict, cooperation and security, are key terms not only in international affairs, but also in international finance. Conflict is a well-defined term often linked directly to market competition between a multitude of actors in international finance. With the dissolution of borders and internationalisation of capital combining with a continual lack of international regulation of the banking and financial sectors in recent years, the market has become increasingly more insecure. Amid the impotence of regulators to stabilise international finance, large economic firms have begun to find their own means to secure economic survival by initiate a surprising level of collusion and cooperation between themselves
With Geneva deal dead Ukraine could be pivotal moment for international relations
Written by Stefan Wolff. The Geneva Agreement appears to be dead in the water. Achieved only a week ago, it was widely considered a surprising breakthrough, albeit one which offered major concessions to Russia. One week on, however, it seems as if very little happened in terms of actual implementation.
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9th December - ICCS Seminar Series: 'Trauma and the Politics of Fear: Europe at the Crossroads'

2nd December - ICCS Seminar Series: 'Security Cosmopolitanism: Case, Critiques, and Future'

25th November - ICCS Seminar Series: 'Health for Health's Sake, Winning for God's Sake: US medical assistance and smart power strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan'

18th November - ICCS Seminar Series: 'The English School: A Neglected Approach to International Security Studies

4th November - ICCS Seminar Series: 'Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation'

7th October - The New Dark Age: The Decline of Global Systems

26th September - Workshop: 'Responding to Uprising: Urban Security Between Resilience and Resistance'

18th-21st September - Jonna Nyman: 'Ethics, securitisation and energy security: the case of the United States'

2nd August-30th October - Professor Cameron opens exhibition of Paintings on Conflict Transformation

2nd-4th July - Professor Vojtech Mastny to present on Trust and Nuclear Security at the ICCS

25th-26th June - Professor Basrur to present on Cold War Nuclear Rivalries and Indian Security at the ICCS

19th June - Professor Nicholas Wheeler to deliver Keynote speech at this year's BISA-PGN Conference at the University of Birmingham

23rd April - Jacob Diliberto to present at the International Relations and Security Theory Reading Group

15th-16th March - Professor Nicholas Wheeler to present on 'Ken Booth's Theory of World Nuclear Security'

5th March - Arnold Wolfers' 'National Security as an Ambiguous symbol' discussed at the International Relations and Security Theory Reading Group

19th February - Dr. Christopher Finlay to present at the International Relations and Security Theory Reading Group

19th February-23rd April - Updated programme information for the International Relations and Security Theory Reading Group

18th February - Dr Sara Fregonese to present 'Uprising Geographies: Sovereignty, Urbanity, Resilience'

29th January - ICCS to host the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK

16th January - ICCS and POLSIS to host talks by the Israeli Deputy Ambassador to the UK

9th January - Dr. Sebastian Kaempf to present at upcoming departmental seminar


ICCS seminar series podcast: Security Cosmopolitanism: Case, Critiques, and Future
Speakers: Dr Anthony Burke, Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Cooperation, Conflict and Security, and Reader in Political and International Studies at the University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia.
Dr Naomi Head discusses peace negotiations on BBC Radio Scotland
Dr Naomi Head discusses mediation, empathy and conflict resolution with Irish Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire (on Sunday Morning with Cathy MacDonald - 08:10am 7/7/2013)
Professor Nicholas Wheeler: 'Diplomatic Transformations in International Anarchy' Podcast available
This lecture brings together two key approaches in the field of International Relations – the English School and security dilemma theorizing – to contribute to our understanding of how adversaries can develop cooperation under anarchy.
New Masters module video: Global Cooperation in Practice - Professor Mark Webber
Global Cooperation in Practice examines the practical application of the theories discussed in the first module through the prism of practitioner experience. This new module will be coordinated by Professor Mark Webber and will take the form of a series of guest lectures and breakout sessions delivered by practitioners with extensive experience of global cooperation.
New Masters module video: Theories of Global Cooperation - Professor Nicholas Wheeler
Theories of Global Cooperation taught by Professor Nicholas Wheeler introduces students to a range of theoretical approaches drawing on International Relations scholarship and other cognate disciplines, to investigate both the obstacles to, and possibilities for, ameliorating intractable conflicts.
Vodcasts available for 'Trust, Cooperation and the Global Nuclear Future'
On Tuesday 4th September, the University of Birmingham's Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS), hosted the third annual symposium of "The Challenges to Trust-building in Nuclear Worlds" entitled "Trust, Cooperation and the Global Nuclear Future" in conjunction with the University of Leicester's Intelligence, Security and Strategic Studies Group (ISSG)
Podcasts available of 'Somalia: Negotiating the balance between 'African Solutions' and international responses'
For over two decades Somalia has presented a range of development and security challenges for national, regional and international actors, becoming a source of security threats for its citizens, immediate neighbours, the region, and the international community.
Iran's Nuclear Programme Vodcasts now available
On Wednesday 25th April, the University of Birmingham's newly established Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS) hosted an afternoon of expert discussion on the security implications of the current crisis over Iran's nuclear programme. Guest Speakers included Sir Richard Dalton, UK ambassador to Iran 2003-2006