Current Research Projects

Naomi Head

'Mapping the dynamics of Trust, Empathy, and Dialogue in Palestine: non-violence and civil society organisations'. 

The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the most protracted in contemporary politics and remains a site of conflict, violence and resistance. Embedded in the complex geopolitical dynamics of the Middle East, the conflict is perceived to be critical to regional stability. Research which is grounded in the emancipatory tradition of critical theory and in the lived experiences of participants offers the potential to contribute to innovative conflict transformation practices. Building on my previous research on communicative ethics and empathy in situations of conflict, this project will map the dynamics of trust, empathy, and dialogue (TED) through personal, collective, and institutional narratives. It aims to explore these concepts adopting an interdisciplinary approach drawing on conceptual and methodological tools such as narrative, communicative ethics, conflict transformation approaches, mapping, notions of embodied experience, and structural and cultural violence. 

Initial fieldwork for this project is to be carried out in Jerusalem, funded by the Adam Smith Foundation Seedcorn Fund, University of Glasgow.