CREMS People


Hugh Adlington - Senior Lecturer, Department of English
Early modern literature (1500-1800); religious poetry and prose; the works of Donne, Milton and Browne; the history of the book; textual editing.

Richard Cust - Professor of Early Modern History, Department of History
Political and cultural history of late-sixteenth and early-seventeenth-century England.

Michael Dobson - Professor of Shakespeare Studies and Director, Shakespeare Institute
Shakespeare's plays and poetry; theatrical interpretations of Shakespeare; Elizabeth I and Elizabethan England; treatments of Shakespeare and his work by the media.

Cathryn Enis - Research Fellow, Department of History
Politics and cultural identity in the English Midlands.

Melanie EvansLecturer, Department of English
Sociolinguistics, particularly in relation to the early modern period and Elizabeth I. 

Elaine Fulton - Reader in History Teaching (Higher Education), Head of Department of History
Politics, society and religion in early modern German-speaking Europe.

Nikolas Funke - Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Department of History
Cultural, religious and military history of early modern Europe, mainly the Holy Roman Empire.   Confessional coexistance and indifferance in post-reformation Europe.

Tara Hamling - Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History, Department of History
Early modern British history; reformation studies; domestic material culture.

Simone Laqua-O'Donnell - Lecturer in Early Modern History, Department of History
Religious, social and cultural history of the Holy Roman Empire and Italy.

Tom Lockwood - Senior Lecturer, Department of English
Renaissance writers and their later readers.

Kate Rumbold - Lecturer, Department of English
Shakespeare's reception and quotation from the early modern period to the present day.

Margaret Small - Lecturer in Europe and the Wider World, Department of History
European exploration and colonisation in the sixteenth century.  The classical tradition, and its role in early modern exploration, expansion and colonisation; the exchange of geographical information in the sixteenth century.

Kate Smith - Lecturer in Eighteenth Century History, Department of History
History of eighteenth-century Britain and empire, with a particular interest in material cultures, production, consumption, skill, the senses and the emotions.

Erin Sullivan - Senior Lecturer and Fellow, Shakespeare Institute
Culture, belief and identity in renaissance and early modern England; history of emotion and psychology; the relationship between Shakespeare (and other renaissance literature) and contemporayr religious, scientific and philosophical ideas.

Robert Swanson - Professor of Medieval Ecclesiastical History, Department of History
European universities during the Great Schism; structures and belief of the medieval English church; the twelfth-century renaissance; indulgences.

Joseph Wallace - Birmingham Fellow, Department of English
Early modern literature and religious cultures, focussing especially on representations of pagan religion and its myths, gods and rituals.

Jonathan Willis - Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History, Department of History
Cultural and religious history of early modern Europe, with a focus on the English Reformation; music and the senses; reformation theology and its socio-cultural impact; parish religion; the Ten Commandments.

Gillian Wright - Senior Lecturer, Department of English
English women's writing of the early modern period, particularly manuscript circulation, the relationship between print and manuscript, Samuel Daniel's historical poetry and the history of women's reading.

Honorary CREMS Associates

Dr Anna French - Honorary Research Fellow, Department of History
Anna is Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Liverpool, but completed her doctoral research at Birmingham and has remained a close friend of CREMS ever since.  She is a cultural and religious historian, with a specialist interest in the English Reformation. Her doctoral research considered the themes of ‘church and childhood’, exploring how early modern societies dealt with changes in religious culture and the impact these had on perceptions of children. Anna’s research interests also include early modern storytelling, devil beliefs, and perceptions of food and nourishment.

Dr Sylvia Gill - Honorary Research Fellow, Department of History
Sylvia also completed her PhD at Birmingham, on the Edwardian dissolution of the chantries and its impact on the clergy of five midland counties.  She is currently treasurer of the European Reformation Research Group and continues to research and publish on the reformation in the midlands.

Mairi Macdonald - Honorary Research Associate, Department of History
Mairi is the former head of local collections at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT), where she was an archivist for more than thirty years. She has lectured extensively at the SBT and at a range of local history organisations on mainly local history subjects.  She has published on Stoneleigh Abbey and the Guild and Guild Buildings of Shakespeare's Stratford, and edited the Register of the Guild of the Holy Cross, Stratford, for the Dugdale Society.  Since 2005 Mairi has also taught palaeography to CREMS postgraduates, first at the SBT in Stratford-upon-Avon, and most recently at the Cadbury Research Library on the University's Edgbaston campus.

Revd Dr Ralph Werrell - Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Theology
Ralph spent many years working as a parish priest, and in retirement has become one of the leading experts on the life and theology of the English reformer William Tyndale.  He has published on The Theology of William Tyndale and is currently working on two monographs, one on the roots of Tyndale's theology, and another on the significance of the blood of Christ for his theology more broadly.