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Interested in Joining?

Are you a member of UoB Academic or Research staff and/or a research student with a scientific interest in systems biology?  If so, please join our email mailing list!

Our mailing list is used to disseminate information relating to systems biology activities – be they research initiatives, conferences and seminars or general campus events in the Centre for Systems Biology or other participating Research Centres – to members of UoB academic & research staff and research students across campus with an interest in this area.

We plan to grow this list across Schools/Colleges, with members from Biosciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, Psychology and any other relevant disciplines.

The mailing list is a closed list (meaning only members of the list can post to the list).

Policies of the list are as follows:

  • membership is moderated to avoid spammers
  • only registered members of the list can post to the list, but posting itself is not moderated
  • attachments can be sent to the sysbio mailing list, however we request that you avoid sending very large files to the list.

Joining the sysbio mailing list?

Send an email to majordomo[at] containing the line (in body of email):

  subscribe sysbio

Where, represents your email address

Please note the email address is optional.  If it is omitted, then the sender of the email will be added to the list.

Since subscription requests are moderated, it may take a day or two to process and confirm your request.  You will be mailed confirmation that you have been approved to join the list.

Posting messages to the list?

Once you are a registered member of the list you may post messages to all members of the list by sending your messages to the mailing list address: 

Posting is not moderated.  Please be aware that this list includes members of senior academic staff as well as students.

Leaving the list?

Send an email to majordomo[at] containing the line (in body of email):

  unsubscribe sysbio 

Again, the email address is optional.  If an address is given and the source of the email does not match it, then the unsubscribe request will be forwarded to the list moderator.   Otherwise, the effect should be immediate and you should receive an acknowledgement email.

Further queries?

Please contact: for further list details or any other queries concerning the list.

Many thanks!