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ACER and a robot named Nao

The work of ACER in conjunction with Aldebaran Robotics features in an article in The Telegragh

World Autism Day: Illustrating how good autism practice constitutes good educational practice for all children

From the Empire State Building to the pyramids, members of the global autism community shone a lens on autism this week by lighting many iconic landmarks in blue. This was in celebration of World Autism Day, which is a global initiative instigated by the United Nations to help raise awareness. It marks the start of autism awareness month.

11,000 teachers trained to improve education for children with autism in less than a year

The School of Education's, Dr Karen Guldberg and staff from the Autism Centre for Education and Research jointly hosted a highly successful one-day conference entitled 'Transforming autism education' which was attended by 350 delegates.

Worldwide coverage for Festival of Social Sciences Event

Dr Karen Guldberg, talks about this years Festival of Social Sciences event at Topcliffe School

Service provision for young autistic adults – accessing their views

Postgraduate researcher, Susy Ridout has recently evaluated a support service in Warwickshire (with Dr Karen Guldberg and Andrea Macleod) for adults on the autism spectrum, to ascertain its suitability for 16-18 year olds.
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Autism Education Trust

 Celebrating partnerships with business

Celebrating partnerships with business