The Event

Participants and organisers had a fantastic day at our 'Playing and Learning with innovative technologies' event at Topcliffe Primary School on 1 November. There were over 100 people attending, with an excellent mixture of practitioners, parents and researchers. Many thanks to the whole team of people who worked collaboratively to make this happen.

A most special thanks to the Topcliffe School community. The school really did shine and the children were stars!

Please see the short video clips of participants and organisers talking about the day and about the technologies.

If you have any comments or questions about the event itself or about the technologies, please post a comment on our Blog.

Dr Karen Guldberg and her students Lila Kossivaki and Marilena Mademtzi from the Autism Centre for Education and Research have been working with children and staff at Topcliffe Primary School to evaluate an exciting Technology Enhanced Learning environment called ECHOES ( Twelve children were involved in this study during the summer and data from these studies are currently being analysed.

Karen and her team are now extending their collaborative work with the school by holding an event at Topcliffe Primary School for the Festival of Social Science. This Festival is organised by the Economic and Social Research Council:

We will welcome parents, practitioners and children to the school on the 1st November 2011 and invite participants to engage in hands-on experiences, listen to presentations and to participate in workshops. Participants will all have the chance to see and try some cutting-edge and innovative technologies that have been developed specifically for children on the autism spectrum although they are fun and engaging for all children!

Karen is organising the day in partnership with the school and with her colleagues Dr Sarah Parsons from University of Southampton and Dr Wendy Keay-Bright from University of Wales Institute Cardiff. The technologies on offer will be ECHOES, COSPATIAL, REACTICKLES and SOMANTICS. You can read more about these technologies by following the weblinks:

Participants will also have the opportunity to access materials online in the run- up to Festival week and for three weeks after it. We will include information about the different technologies on this website as well as short video clips and other resources.

We look forward to seeing you here!

 Topcliffe School