Videos from the day

The following are a selection of short video clips of participants and organisers talking about the day and about the technologies. 

Marilena Mademtzi and Lila Kossyvaki

Marilena and Lila talk about their work on the Echoes Project

Dr Sarah Parsons, University of Southampton

Dr Sarah Parsons talks about her work on the Cospatial Project

Thusha Rajendran, Strathclyde University

Thusha Rajendran talks about his work on the Echoes Project

Dr Karen Guldberg, University of Birmingham 

Dr Karen Guldberg talks about the ESRC event 

Joel Gethen Lewis, Cariad Interactive 

Joel Lewis talks about his work on the Reactickles and Somantics Project

Ian Lowe, Topcliffe Primary School

Ian Lowe talks about the impact of the Echoes Project on the learning of the children in his school

Dr Darren Walker, University of Wales Institute

Dr Darren Walker talks about his work on the Somantics Project

Sarah Quickendon, Topcliffe Primary School

Sarah Quickendon talks about the effect of the Echoes Project technology on children with autism in her class

 Festival of Social Science