Research Projects

Current projects include :

Evaluation of the University of Birmingham 'Forward Thinking' Outreach Programme

CHEEA is working with the University of Birmingham's Outreach Unit to design data collection and analyse evidence which will help in evaluating the targeting and impact of the Forward Thinking' Outreach programme.

Labour market expectations, relative performance and subject choice

This project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation (2011-2013), evaluated the effects of providing 15-16 year-old students with information about the differences between earnings of graduates from different subjects.

Literature synthesis lessons from the widening access, student retention and success national programme archive (WASRS)

This research was a synthesis of material in the Widening Access, Student Retention and Success National (WASRS) programme archive. The synthesis drew together some of the central themes running through the archive and it aimed to make the evidence gathered from widening participation programmes accessible to a wide audience including practitioners, researchers and policy makers