Critical Race Theory

From its origins in US legal studies, CRT has grown to become one of the most important perspectives on racism in education internationally. Frequently attacked by detractors who over-simplify and caricature the approach, CRT offers an insightful and nuanced approach to understanding the processes that shape and sustain race inequality in society.

CRRE members are among the leading CRT educationists internationally and the approach informs much of the centre’s work.

CRT in Education: a primer

For a brief introduction to CRT in education, read a primer prepared for the British Educational Research Association (BERA) by two CRRE members

Download the Critical Race Theory Primer (PDF, 93.29KB) 

CRT in the UK

A CRRE deputy director was part of the team that organized the first international conference on CRT and education ever held in the UK. Papers presented at the conference, and reflections on the growth of CRT, can be found in the collection that he co-edited:

Kevin Hylton, Andrew Pilkington, Paul Warmington & Shirin Housee (eds)(2011) Atlantic Crossings: International Dialogues on Critical Race Theory. Birmingham: Sociology, Anthropology, Politics (CSAP), The Higher Education Academy Network, University of Birmingham.

More Details on the Atlantic Crossings: International Dialogues on Critical Race Theory book

A special issue of the journal ‘Race Ethnicity and Education’ recently brought together new writing on CRT in education from UK authors.

Find out more about the 'Critical Theory in England' special issue  

A collection of the best CRT in legal and educational studies

There are many excellent collections that include outstanding pieces of CRT scholarship. This collection, co-edited by the CRRE Director, is the first book to bring together the most important examples from both legal studies and educational studies.

Edward Taylor, David Gillborn & Gloria Ladson-Billings (eds)(2009) Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education. New York: Routledge.

View the abstract and contents page for Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education