Dr Nick Peim

NDr Nick Peimick is a senior lecturer in the School of Education, University of Birmingham.








His research interests include:

  • The governance of education and education as governance: schooling as governmentality. The history of the school as a social technology.
  • Contemporary philosophies and education and education research: including poststructuralism – Derrida, Foucault, Lacan, Lyotard – and its antecedents in Marx, Nietzsche, Freud and Heidegger.
  • Theories of the global in the work of Said, Spivak, Appadurai, Castells, Bauman and others.
  • Language, identity and education: theories of language, culture and social class. Curriculum politics: subject identities, literacy issues and the social dimension of knowledge.

Contact Details

Telephone +44 (0) 121 414 3475

Email n.a.peim@bham.ac.uk