Professor Ruth Watts

RProfessor Ruth Wattsuth Watts is Emeritus Professor of History of Education at the University of Birmingham. Her research interests are in the history of education and gender and she has published much on these, her first book being Gender, Power and the Unitarians in England, 1760-1860 (Longman, 1997) and her latest being Women in Science: A Social and Cultural History (Routledge, 2007). She is on the Board of Editors of History of Education. She is ex-President of the British History of Education Society, co-convenor of the Standing Working Group on Gender in the International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE) and is involved in various networks in women's history.

In the last three years she has have done much work on professional women in Birmingham in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and on women writers of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

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