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The Jubilee Centre Launch May 2012

Vice-Chancellor Professor David Eastwood, Dr Jack Templeton, Lord Watson of Richmond, Professor James Arthur

Vice-Chancellor Professor David Eastwood, Dr Jack Templeton, Lord Watson of Richmond and Professor James Arthur at the launch.

The launch was hosted by Lord Alan Watson, who will Chair the Centre’s diverse and distinguished Advisory Board. Presentations were made by the John Templeton Foundation Chairman and President, Dr. Jack Templeton, and University of Birmingham Vice-Chancellor Prof. David Eastwood, as well as Centre Director and Head of the School of Education, Prof. James Arthur.

Further presentations were made by Dr. Tony Sewell, Director of Generating Genius (www.generatinggenius.org.uk), Simon Marcus, member of the Riots Panel and founder of the London Boxing Academy, and Dr. Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, and who has written widely on issues regarding character (see www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/9267396/We-need-to-fix-Britains-character-flaws.html and 

The Research

Over 10 years, the Centre will address various areas of research related to character and values education and development.

The Centre, through its research will pose questions such as:

  • How does the power of good character transform and shape the future of society?
  • What would be the wider social and cultural and moral impact of a more grateful Britain?
  • What personal virtues should ground public service?
  • How might such positive character traits as hope and optimism be fostered for working towards a better British society?

The Centre aims to answer these questions and others through its research and to initiate a national consultation on a proposed curriculum policy for character building in schools.

The vision for the Jubilee Centre is not to simply research past and present attitudes to character, and values, but shape the future attitudes and behaviors of the British people. We aim to enable British people to explore their character and virtues and if required transform them. It is as such that our prime goal is therefore not theoretical, but practical. We intend to undertake the work with a firm belief that our programme of inter-related initiatives will make a positive transformative difference to the moral life and learning of British people. It is our belief that only by undertaking the highest possible quality research work (based on strong scientific methodologies) can we serve to promote and reinforce an understanding and appreciation of moral ideals.

Any applicants for roles within the Centre will need to demonstrate an adherence to the principles and visions which the Centre and its Core Staff demonstrate. Whatever their role in the Centre, successful applicants will also need to be engaged and committed to help produce first class research which promotes and publicises the Centre as it aims to become the world leading Centre in the field of character and virtue education, and helps exemplify the trust which the John Templeton Foundation have shown in Professor Arthur and his team in awarding the grant.

The Centre will be a site of excellence in ethical and moral enquiry and empirical research. Centre staff should strive to meet the first rate standards expected of them in all areas of their work.