2nd Linguistic Ethnography Forum

e-seminar: Paths to post-nationalism: theory and method in the study of social change

4 - 27 May 2011

UKLEF was pleased to announce its second e-seminar would be organized in association with the Researching multilingualism, multilingualism in research practice project.

The presenter was Professor Monica Heller from the University of Toronto and the discussant was Dr. Melissa Moyer, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

E-seminars are email-based discussions moderated by UKLEF. The event was open to all UKLEF members and was run on the JISCmail discussion list. The seminar ran for 24 days, starting on Wednesday May 4th and ending on Friday May 27th. An electronic copy of a chapter from Professor Heller's forthcoming book was also made available on the UKLEF mailing list and the text served as the basis for the e-seminar. On the 4th of May, Dr. Moyer posted her comments, after which Professor Heller responded. The discussion was then opened to all. A transcript of the seminar is available on www.uklef.net