About the project

This one-year project (2013 - 2014) is funded by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of the Knowledge Exchange Opportunities theme and Sightsavers.

The Reach Forward project aims to establish a network of education stakeholders including universities, government departments, practitioners and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which supports the education of children with disabilities in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda. It will build on the current collaborations between the University of Birmingham, the University of Cambridge, the International NGO Sightsavers and specialist education communities in these three countries.


The main objectives are to:

  1. develop a network of Northern and Southern collaborators as well as end-users, policy makers, managers, practitioners and civil society organisations involved in supporting the education of children and young people with disabilities in three countries; 
  2. discuss, critique and apply different approaches, methods and ethical issues from previously funded projects and apply them to local contexts;
  3. identify core principles across the research findings to test their suitability for application across a broader disability agenda; 
  4. set up an online community whereby practitioners and researchers can extend their knowledge of how to support children and young people with disabilities and identify sets of research-related tools and activities.

Contact us 

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EmailDr Paul Lynch
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 University of Birmingham

 University of Cambridge

 Kenya Institute of Special Education


Montfort SNE College


Kyambogo University