Meet the Team


 Dr Karen Guldberg Dr Karen Guldberg (principal investigator on project) Senior Lecturer, is the Director of the Autism Centre for Education and Research, at the University of Birmingham. Karen’s research explores ‘best practice’ in early interventions for children. She has a strong interest in how children learn and in the training needs of practitioners and carers.
  Sarah Parsons Dr Sarah Parson - is a Reader at the University of Southampton. She is currently a partner on the COSPATIAL project which explores the use of innovative technologies for supporting social skills and collaborative working for children with and without autism.
  Wendy Keay-Bright Dr Wendy Keay-Bright - is a Reader at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Her key areas of research are in design ethnography, participatory design with marginalised groups and affective computing.
  Kaska Porayska-Pomsta Dr Kaska Porayska-Pomsta - is a Senior Lecturer in Technology-Enhanced Learning in the Institute of Education, London. Her research focus lies in developing adaptive technologies for learning
  Lila Kossyvaki Dr Lila Kossyvaki - is a research fellow in ACER. She is an autism specialist teacher and has a strong interest in school and home-based interventions to promote social communication in children with autism and learning difficulties. 
 Marilena Mademtzi Marilena Mademtzi - is a postgraduate research student, undertaking research on technology and autism. Her area of interest is to identify whether through specific technology softwares children's with autism social communication and imitation skills can be enhanced.
Ben Ewart-Dean - Ben is a film-maker, with many years of experience of working with children on the autism spectrum. He is shortly starting work on a programme of research, investigating the benefits that practical video-making can have for children with autism.