Most children with autism find computers and technology safe, motivating and engaging. Technology has the potential to enable learning in new and innovative ways and we are particularly intrigued by how technology can be used to support children with autism to communicate better. This includes ways of improving children's ability to turn take in conversation, to develop conversation skills and to work together with someone else on a tabletop device, or to help them communicate when they cannot talk. In the last few years, members of our project team have worked with children of different ages and in partnership with practitioners and parents in a range of schools to inform the development of technologies that can be used in the classroom.

These technologies support children on the autism spectrum to develop social communication. ReacTickles and Somantics help children to explore how they use their body, to understand cause and effect and to take turns. COSPATIAL helps children and young people to collaborate with one another and improve their conversation skills and ECHOES helps children to concentrate, to develop joint attention and to regulate emotions. These technologies are now ready to be used more extensively in schools.


Shaping the future of educational technologies today: from prototypes to practice

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