ReacTickles are experiential interfaces, by this we suggest that they have no obvious meaning or purpose until the player interacts. Interaction disturbs the ReacTickle, bringing it to life, giving it energy. They can be explored on many everyday devices: SmartBoard, keyboard, mouse, microphone and even SmartTable. Currently in development are iPhone, iPad and motion sensor versions.  

ReacTickles are fresh, novel, surprising, joyous, relaxing, funny, energetic, cheeky and enduring. The simplicity of their appearance make ReacTickles irresistible and open to interpretation and purpose. The main function of a ReacTickle is to trigger curiosity and to reward interaction with positive emotional experiences, for many people this will be the key to unlocking potential. The design of ReacTickles is therefore based on shapes and colours that are naturally stimulating but that do require an unnecessary level of cognitive processing and compliance.

Examples of ReacTickles activities may be seen below





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