Somantics is a suite of applications that use touch, gesture and camera input to encourage, capture and amplify the interests of young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and other related communication difficulties. The overarching goal of Somantics is promote greater self-awareness, confidence and independence.
Somantics is available for the iPad, iPad2, and Mac platforms. PC and Linux versions are available. An iPad2 will be required for camera based interaction, iPad1 users may still download and use the touch based Somantics. Desktop and laptop machines require a Microsoft Kinect or compatible device to function.

Interaction with Somantics is repetitious, flowing and highly expresssive. The applications are non-competitive; users discover their own purpose. The Somantics interface enables users choose an application and to explore with little, if any, assistance from others. Independence will increase through further exploration of the system.


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