About us

The Visual Impairment Centre for Teaching and Research (VICTAR) was launched in Autumn 2001 and brought together the teaching and research activities of colleagues at the University in the area of visual impairment and education.

The aims of VICTAR are to:

  • undertake social and educational research in the area of visual impairment; 
  • offer training in the area of visual impairment and education through high quality and relevant professional development programmes; 
  • disseminate our work to ensure it has positive impact.

Underlying this work is the belief that:

'Through education, through research, and through access to appropriate resoure sources, the barriers to learning and participation that may be experienced by people with visual impairment can be better understood and reduced'.

The Centre is part of a broader Sensory Team and works directly with colleagues in the fields of Deafness and Hearing Impairment, and Deafblindness / Multi-sensory Impairment. The team is part of the Department of the Disability Inclusion and Special Needs group (DISN) which is the largest group of its kind in the UK.