Steps to Independence

Room 6 - Resource Room

Overview of the room

Section 1 – Glossary

Section 2 – Examples of good practice carried out by services identified in the research project

Section 3 – Recommendations based upon good practice for service delivery

Section 4 – Key recommendations from the research project

Section 5 – Examples of checklists for use in assessments

Section 6 – Resource for developing a community-based mobility education service

Section 7 – Other references used in this online resource and in the research reports

Overview of the room

This room brings together the resources that have been used and referenced throughout this online resource, and in the research project reports (Pavey, Douglas, McCall, McLinden and Arter, 2002a & 2002b).

A glossary is presented to explain some of the terms used within both the research reports and this online resource.

All of the examples of good practice collected during the research project have been included, and the sources (services, schools etc) where good practice was identified are credited where appropriate.

The recommendations made by us relating to the delivery of M&I education (taken from the research reports) are based upon the good practice that was identified, and is also presented here. The 10 key recommendations made by us in the research reports are also presented.

The use of checklists to carry out assessments of need are recommended, and examples of checklists and references of other useful checklists are provided.

A paper written by Geoff Aplin, a member of MISE, is also available, which describes an audit of an M&I service in Glasgow.

In the final section, this room lists additional resources and references used in the research project and in the development of this online resource.

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