Research areas

  • Wearable computing

    Wearable Computing Platform Development, Display Design & Integration, Intelligent Garments, Augmented Reality, Human Factors Issues.
  • Defence human factors

    Command and Control, Situational Awareness, Synthetic Environments, Uninhabited Vehicles, Defence Medicine.
  • Medical simulation

    Virtual Environment Training, Surgical Task Analysis, Advanced Medical Imaging, Defence Medicine, Human Factors Issues.
  • Virtual & synthetic environments

    VEs / SEs for Training and Design, Education, Cultural Heritage and Defence Applications; Games Engine Technologies and “Serious Gaming” Applications, Human Factors Issues.
  • Birmingham serious games team

    Serious Games – a new genre of interactive 3D content development and rendering tools, many available at very low cost or even free of charge via the Web. 
  • Ergonomics information analysis centre

    Our award-winning Ergonomics Information Analysis Centre (EIAC) comprises a group of dedicated ergonomics professionals who, since 1968, has been providing the international Human Factors community with high-quality information services, courtesy of one of the largest ergonomics libraries in the world and through a long-standing relationship with the leading academic publisher Taylor & Francis.