Human interface technologies
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Background and mission

The Human Interface Technologies Team within Electronic, Electrical & Computer Engineering was formed in 2003 and brings together award-winning, multidisciplinary researchers within the School who focus on theoretical and practical human-centred research issues related to future interactive technologies, including task and usability analyses, human factors integration, ergonomics and the design, application and evaluation of advanced interfaces.

Academic staff

Research areas

Wearable computing

Wearable Computing Platform Development, Display Design & Integration, Intelligent Garments, Augmented Reality, Human Factors Issues.

Defence human factors

Command and Control, Situational Awareness, Synthetic Environments, Uninhabited Vehicles, Defence Medicine.

Medical simulation

Virtual Environment Training, Surgical Task Analysis, Advanced Medical Imaging, Defence Medicine, Human Factors Issues.

Pervasive and Assistive Healthcare Technology

Sensing systems and mobile phone apps for healthcare including AllergiSense, a mobile phone app for anaphylaxis management.

Virtual & synthetic environments

VEs / SEs for Training and Design, Education, Cultural Heritage and Defence Applications; Games Engine Technologies and “Serious Gaming” Applications, Human Factors Issues.

Birmingham serious games team

Serious Games – a new genre of interactive 3D content development and rendering tools, many available at very low cost or even free of charge via the Web.