Birmingham Serious Games Team

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Serious Games (or Serious Gaming) is a field of endeavour that focuses on the exploitation of high-quality computer games and associated software tools such as those underpinning the “first person shooter” (FPS) or “role-playing” (RP) games currently being enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, all around the world. These tools take the form of software development kits (SDKs), regularly released by leading games developers shortly after the publication of a new product, such as FarCry or Half-Life 2, together with a growing number of content generation packages becoming available – many free of charge – from the Web. These tools enable avid games players to develop their own virtual humans or “avatars”, environments, weapons and adversaries, thereby prolonging the longevity of the game they have purchased. However, the availability and affordability of these tools have also very rapidly generated interest from another group – the serious applications community – including those responsible for researching and designing training and real-time visualisation systems for defence, surgery and education, to mention but three examples.

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