Microwaves with Computational Intelligence Laboratory

The research in this laboratory focuses on microwave and millimetric active circuits and active antennas, and on the applications of computational intelligence in controlling and adapting them.

MWCI laboratory banner

Research activities

  • Microwaves with computational intelligence
  • MEMS for circuit integration
  • Millimetric communications innovations


Projects and recent achievements

Advanced Linear Microwave Transmitter Architectures Using Computationally Techniques

This is a three year EPSRC funded project, in collaboration with Xilinx, Eudyna and Semelab. The objectives are to research ways in which embedded computational intelligence can be used to provide improved methods of adaptive linearization of microwave transmitters.


This is a recently completed project, in collaboration with BAE Systems, Qinetiq and Panorama Antennas, and with funding from The Highways Agency, DTI and BAE Systems. The MCI lab contribution was in the research, design and development of a range of antennas based on a laminated metallic fabrication technique. The selected antennas were successfully deployed in the system and demonstrated to the sponsors.

Wireless Pan Modules Study

This project, sponsored by Samsung, involved design of integrated transceivers for wireless PAN modules, and resulted in two patents for a novel architecture and a novel integration technique.




Academic staff

  • Dr Peter Gardner - Head of MCI laboratory

PhD/MPhil students

  • Mr M Hamid - Active and Passive Antenna for Cognitive Radio
  • Miss J Tang
  • Mr Oluwabunmi Tade - RF Front end for Cognitive Radios


Selected publications

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