About us

Governments, agencies and system operators are beginning to recognise that the energy system will need to become more flexible as we move from a situation in which predictability prevails to one of greater variability in supply and demand. Flexibility can come from technologies that allow us to shift energy from one place or time to another. The Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage (BCES) recognises the importance of Policy, Integrated Energy Systems and the role that Thermal Energy and Cryogenic Energy Storage technologies could play in providing system flexibility. The BCES was established in 2013 through significant investment by UK industry and EPSRC following the UK Governments recognition of Energy and its Storage as one of the UKs Eight Great Technologies.


Member Role
 Professor Yulong Ding Director (Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage)
 Dr Jonathan Radcliffe Programme Director (Energy Storage, Centre for Low Carbon Futures)
 Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang Co-Director (Grid Integration)
                  Dr Karl Dearn Co-Director (Novel Thermodynamic Cycles and Processes)
 Dr David Book Co-Director (Novel Materials)
 Dr David Boardman Head of Strategic Projects (College of Engineering and Physical Sciences)
 Mr Ahmad El-Kharouf Energy Research and Development Manager