All of the following degree programmes are doubly accredited:

A team from the Energy Institute visited on 27 February 2008 and a further submission was made in March 2009. As a result they have agreed to accredit all four programmes. However, graduates seek chartered status through their main institution first.

Degree Main accrediting institution Status of accreditation
Chemical and Energy Engineering IChemE – Institute of Chemical Engineering Now accredited by both the IChemE and the Energy Institute
Civil and Energy Engineering JBM – Joint Board of moderators of the Institutions of Civil and Structural Engineering Now accredited by both the JBM and the Energy Institute
Electrical and Energy Engineering IET – Institute of Engineering and Technology Now accredited by both the IET and the Energy Institute.
Materials Science and Energy Engineering IOM3 – Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Now accredited by IOM3 and the Energy Institute.