What industry says

'With energy supply and use at the forefront of UK and global issues, I see it as important that industry has available to it engineers with the necessary knowledge and understanding of energy related issues. I believe your aim to develop degrees across engineering disciplines with the concept of an energy minor is a good and flexible approach, as it is important that engineers continue to have a core ability in the relevant disciplines while allowing some specialisation and broadening within the minor.Your proposals will make a useful contribution to equipping engineers with the knowledge and understanding to take part in the energy industries and I support your development of these degrees.'

- Director of Engineering, RWE npower

'I have read the details concerning the proposed new degrees in Energy Engineering and find that I am fully in support of your aims and aspirations. I feel they address the current needs of a rapidly changing energy scene both in the UK and further afield.'

- R&D Associate E.ON UK plc

'I have read through your degree information with interest and do believe it reflects key issues that need to be understood and addressed. Although we (npower Cogen) concentrate on CHP schemes, activities elsewhere in the business have the potential to support a number of the areas you identify as core subjects within the modules.I would be interested in supporting your proposed programme. Our organisation has extensive heritage from the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) through National Power, Innogy and more recently RWE npower with development, consent, build, commissioning, operations and maintenance of large coal fired plants, Combined Cycle and Combined Heat & Power gas plants, Hydro power, Wind farms etc. Our present investment includes evaluating options for carbon capture schemes whilst we keep informed with respect to the Nuclear debate.'

- Engineering Manager, Cogen O&M

'When seeking well qualified engineering graduates with a demonstrable interest and expertise in energy, we always work with Engineering at Birmingham. Over the past few years we have found course graduates to be motivated, aware of current issues and more than technically competent.'

- Louis Koonjean, Graduate Recruitment Manager, RWE npower