Energy research

  Our cyclotron is being adapted to irradiate materials to test suitability for nuclear plants

Cutting a country’s carbon emissions by 80% is no small task; it requires a revolution in the way we live our lives, from our transport and national grid to the products we buy and our homes. At Birmingham these are exactly the problems our research is tackling.

Hydrogen fuel stationAs well as developing the science behind low carbon technologies and tackling the engineering challenges we are researching the implications of the economic and policy decisions we take and the impact they will have on our society, the environment, and our ability to achieve the carbon cut.

For over a century Birmingham has not only been developing the technology but also educating the industrialists of the sector, and influencing those who make the decisions on a national level. Energy at Birmingham is a vibrant community of more than 100 academics across seventeen Schools and four Colleges researching in energy fields, as well as hundreds of research fellows, doctoral researchers and taught students. We collaborate with industrialists and institutions across the world. Birmingham has the critical mass and connections for students and academics to thrive in our intense Energy research environment.

We are partners in the Midland Energy Consortium with the Universities of Nottingham and Loughborough, and a founding partner of the Manufacturing Technology Centre.