Corporate social responsibility and decent work

The Centre was a partner in an EU project awarded funding under the 2008 Progress Call in Corporate Social Responsibility. Professor Tom Sorell was the co-applicant.

The project aimed at the promotion of corporate social responsibility by way of a methodology for monitoring corporate observance of work related human rights, core labour and social standards as set out in the Decent Work Agenda and the Social Agenda of the European Union.

More precisely, the project evaluated CSR instruments and initiatives applied at the pan-European level and in the Member States. We are interested in rights at work and working conditions, social cohesion and inclusion, non-discrimination and gender equality. Our work resulted in a comprehensive guide that identifies best CSR practices to the various stakeholders and providing a basis for future policy measures.

The project partners were the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights, University of Vienna (co-ordinator), and the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The 18-month project ran from 2008-2010.