Faiths and development research programme consortium


The Centre was a co-participant in a university-wide, UK government DFID (Department for International Development) funded project, on Faiths and Development. This was a large scale project involving departments from across the University led by the International Development Department and included other departments, such as Theology and Religion, the Centre for West African Studies, and international partners from across Asia and Africa. This project addressed the following questions:

  • How do religious values and beliefs drive the actions and interactions of individuals and faith-based organisations?
  • How do religious values and beliefs and religious organisations influence the relationships between states and societies?


  • Provided the knowledge and tools to enable positive dialogue between faiths and development partners
  • Contributed to improved collaboration between faith communities and development agencies to facilitate the achievement of development goals.

The role of the Centre was to provide a conceptual framework and to assess and analyse the data produced from the project throughout the lifetime of the project according to this framework (which will continue to develop and change in response to the project findings).