Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Culture

The Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Culture is a Research Centre of Department of Sociology at the University of Birmingham.

We are dedicated to teaching and researching in the areas of ‘race’, ethnicity, multiculturalism and religious minorities, with an inter-disciplinary sociological, political science and cultural studies focus.

Members of the centre have particular strengths in research and teaching in the fields of changing ethno-political and religio-cultural identities, sociology of education, social and ethnic stratification, ethnic entrepreneurialism, political sociology, poststructuralism, postcolonialism, urban sociology, quantitative sociology, and Muslim minorities, using a comparative qualitative and quantitative methodological approach.

The Centre is engaged in teaching and empirical research, led by theoretical, conceptual and policymaker-relevant questions.

The Centre offices are located on the main Birmingham University campus.