Autumn report on Dr Zhanabayeva's visit to the UK

Posted on Monday 3rd October 2011

On 20-22 September 2011 Dr Svetlana Zhanabayeva participated in the work of the XII ESCAS (The European Society for Central Asian Studies) Biennial Conference at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom “Central Asia: a maturing field”. The conference took place at Churchill College, the University of Cambridge.

Dr Zhanabayeva had a meeting with Dr Zifa Auezova, President of ESCAS, during which they discussed ways and forms of joint research and teaching of Kazakh and British academics. Dr Zhanabayeva briefed Dr Auezova on activities and framework of the INSPIRE project. It was decided to involve all members of the INSPIRE project into the work of ESCAS by registering them as ESCAS members.

Dr Zhanabayeva had also talks with Professor Siddharth (Montu) Saxena, Chairman of Cambridge Central Asia Forum, and Chokan Laumulin, Senior Executive Fellow of Cambridge Central Asia Forum Chokan Laumulin. Dr Zhanabayeva told them about the Kazakh Cultural Centre, opened in autumn 2010 at the University of Birmingham  and its activities since then. The parties agreed to organize joint events and to co-ordinate their future activities.

On 21 September 2011 Svetlana Zhanabayeva presented a paper on  “Role and place of teaching English at higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan (The case of Kazakh-British Technical University)”at the panel on  “Language, literature, source studies” at the ESCAS.

On 23 September 2011  Dr Galina Yemelianova and Dr Zhanabayeva participated in the induction meeting with new post-graduate students of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham.  They told the students about the INSPIRE project and invited them to the MSc Pathway on Central Asia and Caucasus, directed and taught by Dr Yemelianova and to the Kazakh language course., taught by Dr Zhanabayeva during her visits to the Uob and via skype.

On 26 September 2011  Dr Yemelianova and Dr Zhanabayeva had a meeting with Prof Christopher Kennedy, Director of the Centre for English Language Studies at the UoB.  The issues discussed concerned joint research in the English language teaching methods and   joint research applications to relevant funding bodies, Prof Kennedy’s teaching at the KBTU and other universities in Kazakhstan.

On 28 September2011 there was a meeting with Dr Deema Kaneff and Dr Richard  Connolly,  members of the British team, where there were discussed  their teaching curricula at  KBTU and other universities of Kazakhstan.

On 29 September 2011 Dr Zhanabayeva had a meeting with Mr Kuat Karbuzov, Attaché on education issues of the RK Embassy in UK, and Ms Akgul Yergaliyeva, Bolashak Programme representative in London. They discussed issues of diversification of the project agenda by including SOAS and other British Universities into it and .  attracting more British students to Kazakh language courses.

On 20 September 2011 Dr Yemelianova submitted a Panel proposal on Kazakhstan for BASEES conference in Cambridge University in late March 2012. The panel consists of the project’ members (Dr Zhanabayeva) and PhD students doing research on Kazakhstan. (Panel proposal is attached).

At the conference: meeting the President of ESCAS Dr Zifa Auezova

Dr Zhanabayeva is making a presentation at the conference

At the conference: Ms Aliya Kuryszhanova, Dr Svetlana Zhanabayeva, Executive Fellow of Cambridge Central Asia Forum Chokan Laumulin, and Chairman of Cambridge Central Asia Forum Professor Siddharth (Montu) Saxena

At the plenary meeting of the conference “Central Asia: a Maturing Field” at Cambridge University.

Meeting the Director of the Centre for English Language Studies Prof Christopher Kennedy 


Meeting Dr Deema Kaneff