CREES academic presents at the International Education Conference 'Going Global 2012'

Posted on Friday 16th March 2012

On 14 March 2012 Galina Yemelianova presented results of her ongoing British Council-funded project ‘Innovative Teaching and Research through Academic Partnership’, (2010-2013) between the University of Birmingham (UoB) and the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU), Kazakhstan, at the International Education Conference ‘Going Global 2012, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, 12-15 March 2012.

The Conference gathered over 1,300 distinguished participants, including Rt Hon. Dr Vince Cable, MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK, Dr Jo Beall, Director, Education and Society, British Council, Education ministers, senior policy-makers, presidents and VC of leading universities, international directors, renown researchers and academics from across the globe.

In her presentation Dr Yemelianova demonstrated the project’s contribution to the development of language-based area studies in the UK (CEELBAS), which is one of the UK Government priorities in the sphere of Higher Education, through the following activities:

  • joint teaching of British and Kazakh academics on MSc and MA programmes at the UoB and KBTU;
  • teaching of Kazakh language by the Kazakh lecturer (in class and via skype) to CREES postgraduate students on MSc Pathway on the Caucasus and Central Asia, which is designed, convened and taught by Dr Yemelianova;
  • the joint research between academics of both universities on Islam, Ethnicity and Nationalism in Kazakhstan and on innovative ways of teaching English as a foreign language in both universities;
  • the exchange of students between the two universities which enhances their in-depth understanding of the researched societies;
  • the diversification of collaborative links to include the University of Cambridge and SOAS, the UCL, on the British side, and the Institute of Oriental Studies of Kazakhstan; the Universities of Turkestan and Shymkent and Taraz Pedagogical Institute, on the Kazakhstani side;
  • the expanding the project from CREES to other schools and colleges across the UoB, such as the UoB School of Information and Technology, Business School and the Centre for English Language Studies. A corollary of this snowballing effect was signing in 2011 of Memorandum of Understanding between the UoB and KBTU;
  • the engagement of the project’s members with British and international policy-makers and other non-academic users by providing them with valuable insights into the social, cultural and economic contexts of their activities in Kazakhstan and wider Central Asia.