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Blog entry (January 2014)

Kataryna Wolczuk contributed to the prestigious Monkey Cage blog writing on 'How Protest and Violence in Ukraine could Give Way to Unity. 

Presentation at a conference in Cambridge (31 January 2014)

Rilka Dragneva and Kataryna Wolczuk presented a joint paper at the conference on 'Eurasia: Geopolitical Project, or Geo-Economic Reality?', organised by the Department of Politics and International Studies of the University of Cambridge.


Seminar on Ukraine (29 January 2014)

Kataryna Wolczuk and Rilka Dragneva presented at a seminar at the University of Birmingham, organised by CREES/POLSIS, on 'In the Cross-Fire of Integration: Russia, Europe and the Political Crisis in Ukraine'. The seminar podcast can be found here.

Blog Entry

Rilka Dragneva and Kataryna Wolczuk wrote on What kind of Eurasian union might Ukraine be joining?for the Elgarblog. The entry has been reposted on several blogs of leading academic institutions, such as the London School of Economics and the University of Leiden.

Radio Debate on the Eurasian Customs Union (December 2013)

Rilka Dragneva participated in a radio programme on the Eurasian Customs Union for the Russia Today programme of the Voice of Russia. The audio recording can be found here.

Interviews on Ukraine's position pre-Vilnius (November 2013)

Dr Wolczuk has given a number of media interviews discussing the historic developments around Ukraine's decision not to sign the Association Agreement with the EU at the Vilnius summit. The media outlets included Radio 4 'Today' programme, BBC World Service, Radio Monocloe24 (interview starts 18 min into the programme), and Euronews.

Research Visit to Russia (November 2013)

Dr Rilka Dragneva and Dr Kataryna Wolczuk conducted a fieldwork in Moscow exploring primarily the role of the Eurasian Customs Union in the Eurasian Economic Union in the post-Soviet space. The visit included extensive meeting with experts from the Eurasian Economic Commission to discuss specific aspects of economic integration.

Interview on Turkey and the Eurasian Customs Union (November 2013)

Dr. Rilka Dragneva gave an interview to which was used in preparing a special featureon Turkey's interest and potential prospects in joining the Eurasian Customs Union, sparked by high profile policy statements at and around the Minsk summit of the High Eurasian Economic Council on 24 October. has become an authoritative source of news and informed policy opinion for those interested in the wider Eurasian region. 

Book published (30 September 2013)

The Eurasian Economic Integration: Law, Policy and Politicspublished by Edward Elgar.

Research Visit to Ukraine (September 2013)

In September Dr Rilka Dragneva and Dr Kataryna Wolczuk conducted fieldwork in Kyiv, Ukraine, during which they had a number of meetings with Ukrainian and international officials and experts.

While in Kyiv, Dr Rilka Dragneva and Dr Kataryna Wolczuk also participated in the DAAD-sponsored conference entitled ‘Kyiv Between the European and Eurasian Unions: The Impact of Brussels and Moscow on Ukrainian Domestic Affairs’ which took place 12-13 September in Kyiv. For more information see here.

UACES Annual Conference (September 2013)

Dr Rilka Dragneva and Dr Kataryna Wolczuk presented papers on Eurasian integration in a panel on Eurasian Integration and its implications for the EU during the UACES Annual Conference, University of Leeds, September 2013.

Briefing on Eurasian Integration (August 2013)

Dr K Wolczuk delivered a briefing on Eurasian integration and its implications for EU’s eastern policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway in Oslo in August 2013.

Seminar on Eurasian Integration at Chatham House in London (July 2013)

Rilka Dragneva and Kataryna Wolczuk spoke at the seminar ‘Eurasian Economic Integration: Rhetoric and Reality’. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the Russian and Eurasian programme of Chatham House, which is a leading think-thank on international security. The keynote speech was delivered by Tatiana Valovaya, Member of the Board (Minister) for Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The seminar involved several CREES scholars, including Professor Julian Cooper, Dr, Richard Connolly and Dr Matt Frear.

For more information see here.


Public hearing before the European Parliament (May 2013)

In May 2013, Kataryna Wolczuk presented the study co-authored with Laure Delcour on ’Approximation of Eastern Partnership countries’ national legislation with EU legislation in EU economic field’. Dr. Wolczuk delivered her presentation before Euronest’s Economic Committee during the session which was attended by MEPs and member of Eastern partners’ Parliaments from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

ISA Annual Convention, 'The Politics of International Diffusion: Regional and Global Dimensions’, San Francisco (April 2013)

Kataryna Wolczuk delivered two papers at the ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, April 2013. The papers were entitled ’Explaining the EU’s Impact in the Eastern Neighbourhood’ and ’Mesmerized by Enlargement: The new Member States and EU Law Export to the Eastern Neighbours’. She also acted as a discussant on a panel on Eurasian integration.

For more information on the conference see here.

Participation in a Legal Reform Roundtable at the Ukrainian Embassy (March 2013)

Rilka Dragneva participated in a Roundtable on 'Reform of the Ukrainian criminal legislation according to the EU standards', organized by the Embassy of Ukraine, London. The keynote address was delivered by Renat Kuzmin, First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, followed by a discussion on the progress of legal and institutional reform in the field.

Conference of the German Association for Eastern Europe (DGO) in Berlin (March 2013)

Upon the invitation of the German Association for East European Studies, Kataryna Wolczuk took part in the conference "1913 TransNational: Change in Eastern Europe 2013" to mark the 100thanniversary of the German Association for Eastern Europe (DGO), 7-8 March 2013, Berlin.

Seminar on the Parliamentary Elections in the post-Soviet space (January 2013)

In January 2013 Dr Kataryna Wolczuk presented on the Ukrainian parliamentary elections at the seminar entitled ‘What Are Elections Good for? Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Post-Soviet Space'. The other speakers were Prof. Sarah Birch (Essex) and Dr Matt Frear (CREES) and the seminar was part of the CREES 50thAnniversary Seminar Series.

Interview for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

R. Dragneva and K. Wolczuk were interviewed by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty for a special report on the Eurasian Customs Union. The report, authored by Robert Coalson, can be found here