Security and Conflict hub

The Security and Conflict Hub operates as a 'Knowledge Hub', catering for both commercial and academic needs. It enables experts from varied disciplines to exchange information and collaborate on projects, thereby producing a fully encompassing solution to an array of projects.

Security and conflict are priority research and commercial interest themes, both domestically and internationally. They are reflected in UK research councils and the European Commission's increased focusing on issues relating to global uncertainties and security for all in a changing world, as well as major programmes of research and Knowledge Transfer commissioned by governments, international agencies, and the third sector.

The Security and Conflict Knowledge Hub provides an interdisciplinary platform to enhance knowledge management and acts as an exchange for knowledge and  information derived from the latest research. It also develops synergies between different cognate disciplines to arrive at original and sometimes surprising conclusions.

There are over 100 scholars with expertise in this area, a further significant number of people with related interesting this area, and a variety of University undergraduate and post-graduate courses with Conflict / Security-related aspects. The Security Hub is a one-stop portal through which external users - researchers, donors, the general public, and students - can contact and utilise the vast variety of security-related expertise that the University offers.