Professor Jeff McMahan

jeff-picProfessor McMahan has been proposed by Professor Heather Widdows, Department of Philosophy, as part of the IAS Saving Humans Theme and will visit Birmingham 3 May – 2 June 2014. We are currently finalising activities and events and will update colleagues and students in the New Year.

Jeff McMahan studied at Oxford and Cambridge and works in normative and applied ethics, political philosophy, and legal theory. Published work includes The Ethics of Killing: Problems at the Margins of Life (Oxford University Press, 2002) and Killing in War (Oxford University Press, 2009). He has several other books forthcoming from Oxford University Press, including a collection of essays called The Values of Lives, a book on war intended for both academic and nonacademic readers called The Right Way to Fight, and a sequel to his 2002 book called The Ethics of Killing: Self-Defense, War, and Punishment.

If you would like more information please contact Dr Jeremy Williams or Sue Gilligan.