Dr Jonathan Grix, Sports Politics and Policy "IAS has enabled me to do a number of things that would have otherwise proved difficult: my ideas were not constrained by tick-box criteria – on the contrary, I was encouraged to follow my own vision; many talk of cross-disciplinary work, but rarely realize it, because of disciplinary barriers and hurdles: this is not the case with IAS which actively promotes transcending traditional academic boundaries. The building of campus-based and external, international networks - that the preparation for my IAS workshop has involved - will help both myself and the University in the future."

Professor John Bryson, Birmingham Business School  "The IAS is an important initiative for the University as academics strive to explore and develop solutions for many societal challenges, which require the type of interdisciplinary solutions that are facilitated and encouraged by the IAS."

Professor Jean McHale, Health Care Law  "The IAS initiative is an excellent idea, providing new opportunities to bring colleagues together from across campus and explore new dialogues and facilitate new developments. We learnt a lot from our workshop and it has provided a superb launch pad to take forward work in the area building upon notable strengths and interests across campus."

Professor Sean Coyle, English Laws "Hosting a multidisciplinary workshop was immensely intellectually rewarding, and has provided an excellent platform for further collaboration with partners across the campus and beyond. I would encourage any colleague to enrich their ideas by exploring them in this stimulating and nuanced environment. The IAS provided excellent support and facilities, and was invaluable in helping bring together a broad range of scholars from across the university to tackle a question of genuine pan-disciplinary importance: human vulnerability."

Professor Matthew Rampley, Art History "The IAS is a very exciting new initiative; as a recent beneficiary of its support I welcomed the opportunity to stage an event that will hopefully expand into a much larger research project. Leading universities across the world have established institutes of advanced studies, and they all have in common the crucial role of enabling interdisciplinary dialogue and creating a space for research dialogue that pays no regard to traditional boundaries, enabling creative and imaginative new research. I am excited by the creation of the IAS in Birmingham as a similar step in carrying forward its research activity to new heights of interdisciplinary excellence."

Professor Heather Widdows, Global Ethics "The Institute of Advanced Studies will help Birmingham develop one of its biggest strengths – its breadth."

Professor Jenny Phillimore, Institute of Applied Social Studies "The IAS is an important initiative that is already impacting on research practice at UoB. The Institute's workshops have provided a platform to support collaboration and interdisciplinarity. The Superdiversity workshop helped the new Institute for Research into Superdiversity to develop workstreams that are shaping our inaugural research strategy. We are already building upon the new relationships which emerged from the event and developing interdisciplinary research proposals. IAS's support will be important in helping us to make a success of IRiS over the next couple of years."

Dr Ulrik Beierholm, Computational Neuroscience "Research at the highest level is increasingly cross-disciplinary, we can no longer just hide within our own little research sub-domains. The IAS provides a great opportunity to develop ideas with people across campus and to increase the impact of our research. The IAS-funded 'Human Decision Making' workshop allowed Psychologists, Economists and Computer Scientists to sit down and discuss a common problem, that nonetheless is usually treated separately within each discipline."

Professor Liam Grover, Biomaterials Science "This workshop really showcased the breadth of expertise that is available in the area of biomaterials science and biomedical engineering across the colleges. The IAS workshop provided the best possible forum in which to discuss cross-college collaboration and mapping a way forwards in this research area.”

Dr Michael J Grey, Motor Neuroscience "The IAS initiative has been a great way to meet like-minded colleagues from across the university...and has enabled me to cross artificial college borders and kick-start projects that would otherwise never see the light of day."

Professor Jonathan Reinarz, History of Medicine "IAS is a great facilitator of ideas, but each event still throws up many surprises by linking staff who never had previous opportunities to collaborate. We gathered to discuss ‘complaints’ in medicine, and, by the time our session ended, we had half a dozen viable ideas for research grants."

Dr June Jones, Biomedical Ethics "We benefitted from being able to meet and interact with some fascinating subjects and colleagues, and for me it was a truly collaborative experience. I came away with a much clearer idea of how I might develop my own contribution into a paper, but also ideas about future direction for collaborative research."

Dr Sadiah Qureshi & Dr Benjamin White, Modern History "For early career researchers, IAS has been particularly valuable. It has given us an opportunity to venture outside our discipline and meet colleagues from across the arts, social sciences and sciences. These conversations will continue to shape our future research plans in novel and exciting ways."