The Biology and Physics of Bacterial Genomes

Monday 16th (09:00) - Wednesday 18th June 2014 (17:00)

Workshop Leader: Dr David Grainger

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bacterial chromosomes

We are pleased to announce the 2nd International Workshop on The Biology and Physics of Bacterial Genome Organisation. The workshop will bring together scientists from across the globe with a shared interest in genome organisation. Topics covered will include DNA replication, chromosome folding, and transcription. Participation is invited from all disciplines; ranging from genetics and genomics to polymer physics, chemistry and computational biology.

Further information about the workshop is available here 

Internal participants:

External participants:

  • Tom Bernhardt (Harvard University, Cambridge)
  • Charles Dorman (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
  • Ken Marians (Sloan-Kettering, New York)
  • Georgi Muskhelishvili (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany)
  • Dave Sherratt (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Tobias Warnecke (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona)