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Professor Andrew Sanders

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Professor Andrew Sanders has specialised in teaching, and researching on, criminal justice from a socio-legal perspective. His publications include a textbook (with Richard Young) Criminal Justice (now in its 4th edition) and numerous journal articles and contributions to edited collections. He has used his knowledge to develop and implement policy by advising on several governmental and third sector bodies, and serving on Parole Boards/Commissions. He also has Board-level experience of higher education by being a Trustee of a university-sector college, and is active in UK legal education policy through his leadership role in CHULS (Committee of Heads of University Law Schools).

Professor Andrew Sanders is Head of School at Birmingham Law School, however for the autumn semester 2014/15 he is on research leave. For Head of School enquiries in this period please contact Acting Head of School Dr Rosie Harding.


  • LLB (Warwick)
  • MA (Criminology) (Sheffield)


Andrew Sanders joined Birmingham early in 2010 from the University of Manchester, having previously taught at Manchester Met, Birmingham, Oxford and Bristol. He was previously Head of Manchester School of Law 2003-7.


  •  Criminal Law
  •  Criminology

Postgraduate supervision

Socio-legal aspects of criminal law and justice, including most areas of criminal justice: particularly law enforcement, prosecutions, rights of suspects and victim policy

Current doctoral supervision

Professor Sanders is currently supervising one doctoral student undertaking research in the following area:

  • Is criminal law the appropriate place to punish gross negligent manslaughter?


He is currently engaged in a major AHRC-funded project, led by Margot Brazier and based at the University of Manchester, on the relationship between criminal law/justice and medicine. His main responsibility is to lead on the empirical research, mainly focussed on coronial, police and prosecution decision making. Outputs (with Danielle Griffiths) will include an edited collection on socio-legal perspectives on criminal law, criminal justice and medicine; and papers on CPS decision making in relation to medical manslaughter and on the formulation of prosecution policy for assisted suicide and mercy killing. His research in general looks at ways to integrate victim, suspect and defendant perspectives in criminal justice, using the ‘freedom perspective’ he developed with Richard Young in their Criminal Justice textbook.

Other activities

Professor Sanders is currently Head of School.

Professor Sanders is a member of the Criminal Justice Council (from 2010 to date). He is a Trustee (member of the Board of Governors) of Regents College London (2009-2012). He is also Chair of CHULS (Committee of Heads of University Law Schools) (June 2011 – December 2013). He is due to become a member of the Bar Standards Board in January 2012.

He has previously been a member of the Parole Board for England and Wales, the Northern Ireland Life Sentence Commission, and the Attorney-General’s Advisory Board for the Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate. He has also been an EU ‘expert’ on victim policy in criminal justice.



  • The Case for the Prosecution (with M. McConville and R. Leng). Routledge, 1991.
  • Criminal Justice (with R. Young and M. Burton), 4th Ed OUP, 2010 (1st Ed, 1994, 2nd Ed 2000, 3rd Ed 2007)

Published Reports

  • Advice and Assistance at Police Stations and the 24 Hour Duty Solicitor Scheme (with L. Bridges, A. Mulvaney, and G. Crozier).  Lord Chancellor's Department, 1989.
  • In the Interests of Justice? (with R. Young and T. Moloney) Legal Aid Board, 1992.
  • Victims with Learning Disabilities - Negotiating the Criminal Justice System (with J. Creaton, S. Bird, L. Weber)  University of Oxford CCR, Occasional Paper 17, 1997
  • Evaluation of the 'One Stop Shop' and 'Victim Statement' Pilot Projects (with C. Hoyle and R. Morgan), Home Office RSD, 1998
  • Taking Account of Victims' Views: A Literature Review of International Practice Scottish Office, 1999
  • The Uses of Victim Statements (with R. Morgan) Home Office, Research Development and Statistics Directorate, 1999
  • Community Justice: Modernising the Magistracy in England and Wales IPPR, 2001
  • Vulnerable witnesses in the adversarial process (with M. Burton and R. Evans) Home Office on-line report, 01/06.

Edited Collections

  • Prosecution in Common Law Jurisdictions Dartmouth, 1996
  • The Prosecutor of a Permanent International Criminal Court  (with L. Arbour, A. Eser, K. Ambos) Max Planck Institute, Freiburg, 2000
  • New Developments in Criminal Justice (with B. Loveday) Criminal Justice Matters No 46 Winter 2001/2002
  • Medicine, Crime and Society (with D. Griffiths) CUP (forthcoming 2011)

Chapters in Edited Collections

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Criminal law and criminal justice; victims of crime; member of the Parole Commission for Northern Ireland and of the Criminal Justice Council for England and Wales; former member of the Parole Board for England and Wales

Alternative contact number available for this expert: contact the press office

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