Immune Mediated and Inflammatory Liver Disease

Group leads: Professor David Adams, Prof Jane Mckeating, Prof Phil Newsome, Dr Patricia Lalor, Dr Simon Afford, Prof David Mutimer



The 7 PIs based in the Centre for Liver Research are closely integrated with the internationally renowned Liver Transplant Unit at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. The close integration with the Hepatitis C virology group brings together expertise in the molecular biology of HCV infection and liver immunology to address the immunopathogenesis of HCV infection. The award of an NIHR Biomedical Research Unit for Cell and Immunotherapy of liver disease is allowing the Centre to translate its basic research programmes in immune mechanisms in liver disease and the molecular pathogenesis of hepatitis C infection into novel therapies. 

Our Research Group

Current translational programmes include:

  • the use of tissue-specific regulatory T cells to suppress inflammation
  • novel strategies to modulate effector cell recruitment
  • stem cell therapy to promote liver repair
  • adoptive immunotherapy with dendritic cells to stimulate protective immune responses against hepatitis C infection and liver cancer
  • the use of novel inhibitors of viral receptors to prevent recurrent HCV infection after liver transplantation.

Research group staff members

Professor David Adams (group lead)
Dean, Professor of Hepatology and Director NIHR BRU Centre for Liver Research

Prof Jane Mckeating (group lead)
Professor of Molecular Virology

Dr Phil Newsome (group lead)Professor of Experimental Hepatology and Clinical Director of the Birmingham University Stem Cell Centre

Dr Patricia Lalor (group lead)
Non-Clinical senior lecturer

Dr Simon Afford (group lead)

Reader in Liver Immunobiology

Prof David Mutimer (group lead)
Professor of Clinical Hepatology and Honorary Consultant Hepatologist

Stuart Curbishley

Ye Htun Oo

Ricky Bhogal

Mirka Blahova

Lia Liaskou

Chris Weston

Bridget Gunson

Gary Reynolds

Janine Fear