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UCON is a UK multicentre randomised controlled trial with an embedded mechanistic evaluation of UPA compared to LNG-IUS. The trial is co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh-NHS Lothian and Coordinated by Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit, University of Birmingham

UK Early Pregnancy Surveillance Service (UKEPSS)

The UK Early Pregnancy Surveillance Service (UKEPSS) is a network designed to study uncommon, but serious conditions in early pregnancy.UKEPSS is a joint initiative of the Association of Early Pregnancy Units (UK), the Early Pregnancy Clinical Studies Group, the Miscarriage Association, and the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, and has been endorsed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Urban Morphology Research Group - School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Founded in 1974, the Urban Morphology Research Group (UMRG), in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, is the major centre in the United Kingdom for the study of the geographical aspects of urban form.

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