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Applied developmental psychology research - School of Psychology

We are interested in a number of areas of applied developmental psychology including, feeding problems from infancy to adolescence, appetite regulation, childhood obesity and cognitions about food, parent-child interaction, attachment, the development of food acceptance and rejection, sensitive periods for the introduction of foods, and the significance of the timing of weaning onto solids.

Applied Mathematics Research, School of Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics Group is internationally recognised for high quality research and collaborations with researchers from various scientific areas especially industry.The Group covers many research areas including fluid mechanics, biomathematics, theoretical & computational optimization, computational mathematics, as well as research for industry.

Astronomy research - School of Physics and Astronomy

Links to the websites of the research groups in Astronomy at the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution - Environmental Health Sciences

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution research (part of the Environmental Health Sciences research group) focuses upon understanding natural and anthropogenic emissions to the atmosphere, the transport, chemical and physical transformations of atmospheric constituents, and the effects of air pollution and atmospheric chemistry upon the environment, and particularly upon human health.

Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER)

This research centre (ACER), which sits within a framework of research on disability, diversity and inclusion within the School of Education, Birmingham, focuses on research and teaching on education and care for individuals on the autism spectrum

Autism research

Homepage for the Autism Research Programme which is located on the campus of the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston, and largely operates out of the Infant and Child Laboratory in the School of Psychology.

Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing

Information on the University of Birmingham's Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre's research into Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing. This theme encompasses three broad areas of research: a) intelligent manufacturing and systems, b) robotics and automation and c) Bio-inspired Computational Intelligence.
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